Call for Paper

1. Basic Science: Numerical approximation and analysis, Numerical simulation, Numerical optimization, General statistical methods, Stochastic analysis methods, Analytical and numerical techniques, Finite element methods, Dynamical systems methods, Chemical composition analysis, Energy analysis, Heat transfer, Interdisciplinary applications of physics, Environmental aspects, Effects of pollution, Fuzzy logic, and others

2. Computers Engineering: Computational Simulation and Analysis, Data Visualization, Virtual Reality, Computational Mathematics, Computational Graphics, Computational Statistics,  Parallel and Distributed Computing, Grid Computing and Cluster Computing, Embedded and Network Computing, Signal and Image Processing, Algorithms, Software engineering, Artificial intelligence, Neural networks, Image processing, Data acquisition: hardware and software, Data presentation and visualization, Data analysis: algorithms and implementation, Data management, Big Data, Internet and network applications, and others

3. Electrical Engineering: Electrical and electronic instruments and components, Circuits and circuit components, Signal processing electronics, Power electronics, Electric motors, Electric vehicles, Biomass energy, Wind energy, Solar energy, Solar cells (photovoltaics), Conventional hydropower, Hydroturbines, and others

4. Mechanical Engineering: General theory of classical mechanics, Computational methods in classical mechanics, Control of mechanical systems, Dynamics and kinematics of rigid bodies, Mechanical properties of solids, Applied mechanics and design, Deformation and plasticity, Mechanical modes of vibration, Mechatronics, Robotic systems engineering, Automotive engineering, Vehicle technology, Aerospace systems and technology, and others

5. Materials Engineering: Methods of materials synthesis and materials processing, Methods of materials testing and analysis, Metals and metallic alloys, Metallurgy, Nonmetals, Porous materials, Granular materials, Polymers, Biomaterials, Composite materials, Organic compounds, Nanoscale materials and structures, Structural failure of materials, and others